Why do we always pick the complex path?

For nearly two decades, I’ve noticed that most companies across the globe take a more complex path to deploy “Lean” programs. The more effective path is perhaps dismissed due to its simplicity.


One would agree that when exploring the reasons for deploying “Lean”, developing a business unit that is agile, low in waste, highly tuned into customer needs/expectations, has an engaged work force – and similar reasons would top the list for most. These are all valid responses. To create such a business, one concept that is absolutely essential is the “Pull Concept”. This is the underlying principle of lean and the main concept that everyone tries to achieve – consciously or unconsciously. A business that is operating on pull principles would automatically tick all of the reasons above and many more.


Over the years, I have enjoyed visiting many businesses in all parts of the world through networking and industry events to further understand and explore lean deployments. Ironically, in a majority of instances, businesses have used a “Push” concept to implement lean. For example, we find some tools that we like (usually 5S or visual boards) and start pushing them into the workplace, convincing everyone that it is for the better! In a nut-shell, we use a “Push” strategy to implement a “Pull system”!


Furthermore, the most spoken about challenges with lean implementations are employee engagement and sustaining the changes. Do you think the deployment method and the challenges faced are related? I do!


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About Ishan

Ishan is the co-founder of The Operations Academy. The Operations Academy is an education program and a community with a mission to equip and inspire a generation of operations leaders – leaders who will go on to transform their workplaces.


Ishan is passionate about helping organisations to improve productivity/efficiency and build high performing teams/individuals. Ishan has a distinct advantage to deliver transformational change with his experience in multi-national companies, working with teams in six different countries, productivity improvement for nearly two decades.