Are you tapping into the full potential of your workforce?

Are your Leaders stepping up to the plate? Do you have a winning organisational culture? Are you continually optimising business processes to stay competitive and agile?

To win in business today requires a systematic and disciplined approach to business performance. Industry leaders consistently invest in three cornerstone areas; manager capability, operational excellence and team effectiveness and culture.

Integrated Programs with a Focus on People

The Operations Academy works with small and medium sized organisations to build exceptional frontline management skills, create high performance culture, and deploy process improvement strategies to deliver outstanding business results. We offer a range of in-house courses, facilitated workshops and coaching that together help leaders and teams reach their full potential.


Engagement Matters

Explore practical strategies for increasing engagement in your workplace

“The engaged stay for what they can give, the disengaged stay for what they can get”

The research is clear – Highly engaged employees are 20% more productive, more innovative, and faster at solving complex problems. They are also more likely to stay. But engagement is not just about happy employees. It’s also about collaboration, empowerment, and getting things done. This program equips organisations and individuals with simple tools and techniques for building strong and lasting employee engagement.

Single Day or extended programs available. Optional engagement assessment surveys, action planning and leader coaching.

“Excellent training, thanks for bringing it to us”

Regional General Manager, Simplot Foods

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Team Leader 360

The Ultimate Accelerator Program for Frontline Managers

Team leaders typically make up 50 – 60% of an organisations management ranks, supervising a large proportion of the workforce. They are therefore critical to employee engagement, culture, and the execution of strategy. Team Leadership has always been a challenging role, however today’s Team Leaders face significant new pressures and challenges; balancing multiple competing priorities; adapting to rapidly emerging technologies and new ways of working, and accommodating ‘next generation’ employees. These challenges require a new type of Team Leadership.

Team Leader 360 Programs

The Operations Academy offers a number of development options to take your Team Leaders to the next level of performance and readiness for the future.

  • 2-Day Intensive Program
  • 3, 6 and 12 month Programs including Assessment, Planning and Coaching phases.
  • Public program coming soon!

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Efficiency Unlimited

A Practical Half Day Workshop to unleash the true potential of your organisation

Power of Productivity

Imagine if you had a structured approach to identify the processes that restrain your organisation from delivering more, and to improve these processes in a systematic way? How many more customers would you be able to serve? How much more efficient would your organisation be?

Identify the Opportunities. Exploit the Constraints.

Improving processes that choke your organisation from moving forward is easier if structured correctly, yet many are stuck in a cycle of fire-fighting. Utilising your valuable and limited resources effectively to solve the right problems will release the true potential of your organisation.This program equips organisations and individuals with the processes and techniques to continually identify and remove workplace constraints.

“Ishan has a great understanding of how culture, strategy, systems and structure interact to drive sustainable continuous improvement within an organisation”

Paul Serra, Supply Chain Director, Campbell Soup Asia

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Custom Programs

We build tailored programs for organisation wide deployment focussed on your specific challenges

Build a Peak Performance Organisation

Let us work with you to build a customised program focussed on your specific challenges. We design programs ranging from single day intensive events to kick start your transformation, through to comprehensive multi week experiential learning programs where
participants work on real business challenges and lock in real results.

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